2006 Pre-GABF Party    

For Lovers of Fine Beer

Who: You

What:  Beer Tasting

Where: 2400 Curtis St., Denver, Colorado, USA, Earth

When: Sept. 27, 2006

Why:  Studies show beer drinkers make more money in their careers



WHERE: 2400 Curtis - corner of 24th and Curtis (maps below)  

###### beeeeeer ##### who likes beer ####### beeeeeeeeer #######

WHEN: Wednesday - September 27, 2006

5pm - Midnight (if you're still thirsty after midnight, head to the Flying Dog, Falling Rock, Wynkoop or Rock Bottom, etc.)

Here's the building.  Party will be on the 3rd floor.  Follow the signs from the front door.

Parking:  on street and at La Fiesta restaurant parking lot (it's closed on Wednesdays).  Lock your car.


TO BRING: Your local Belgian-style brews and/or real Belgian brews (e.g. Cantillon, Westys, Malheur, St. Monon). Beers not found in Colorado (e.g. Southampton, Alesmith, Heavyweight, Sweetwater, Nogne, Mikkeller, Midnight Sun, 3 Floyds). One-off, aged, homebrewed, seasonal, monster brews in growlers, and beers that won't be at the GABF are especially welcome, or good brewery schwag!  A financial contribution towards snacks and clean up.  Nibbly bits would be great (good bread and cheese); some will be provided.

Note:  We will have a few coolers with ice, but there is no fridge or stove accessible.  

Bring your own cooler and ice if possible; also, bring your own glass or you'll get a plastic cup.  Please pick up if you break anything.

HOSTS:  Logan Perkins and Dick Hess.  You will probably find one of us at the front door on the third floor with ready to make name tags :)

An RSVP would be useful but not critical. loganperkins@gmail.com


WHY: Good, Aged & Wild Beers! Socialization with Burgundian Babblers (http://www.babblebelt.com/board.html) Ratebeerians (www.ratebeer.com) and others from across the country and world! Also, it's gonna be bubbly baby beer buggy bouncing big, bad and bodacious!!

DRESS: Yes, you can dress, wear a dress, take off your dress, bring a Barbie in a short skirt, etc.  Weather at night could be in the 40s or 50s Fahrenheit, enough to give Barbie goosebumps.  Wear shoes if nothing else :)

Who's invited:  Beer lovers and those hoping to learn more about beer.  Brewers and reps with large trunks filled with too much beer.

Who's not invited:  Winos off the street, foaming at mouth dogs, Gary Glitter and Dick Cheney.

Thanks in advance for assistance from Matt B. (his home), Chris Black (Falling Rock owner who connected us with Matt), Tom Dalldorf (Celebrator editor and financial contribution), Dick Hess (BBB regular and financial contribution) and Ron of Libations Wine and Spirits (financial contribution).

Thanks also to Donna Feldman, life coach and creative consultant:  http://www.donnafeldman.com/

NOTE:  Though big and crazy, this is the home and responsibility of Matt B. - cool dude with long black hair.  Please treat his property with respect.  No fighting, peeing in the corners, or sex with animals in the middle of the party!

SATURDAY PARTY:  Last year Logan threw a Ratebeer party on Saturday.  Many people will not be in town for this Wednesday party which means they probably will miss the Monday Falling Rock party also...sad!  For this year it is still undetermined if there will be a Saturday gathering, therefore, try to get in on Wednesday!!

SHIPPING BEER: I can assist those that wish to ship beer here in advance.  Send to:

Logan Perkins

305 E. Bayaud Ave

Denver, CO 80209

303 330-9739

Pictures from previous parties:

BBB Party: http://www.gr8city.com/beer-2005-gabf-sept28.htm

Ratebeer Party: http://www.gr8city.com/beer-2005-gabf-oct1-pt2.htm


It will be set up differently, these are just to show size...it's big!!!

 Rrrrrr...it's a pirate ship!!!

Yes, it's a Pink Floyd type screen!


Porch - note...there are no guard rails and we're three flights up...don't be foolish!!

Toilets:  There are two bathrooms.

Elevator:  There is a freight elevator for wheelchairs, possibly for large quantities of beer.

Yes, I could use some volunteer assistance the day before and day of the party, and to clean up later that night or the next day.  Please contact me if you can offer:

Time to help clean and organize, paper towels, clear glasses, mops and brooms, folding tables or chairs, decorations, inflatable sheep.

If you are in a band or know of a band that would like to play for free, that's also a possibility (no big hair metal pleeze).   FYI: Tom Dalldorf's band is playing this same night at the Falling Rock at 10pm; he will be at the party earlier.

Contact: Logan Perkins, 303 408-0069; loganperkins@gmail.com

Host Logan

Map from Falling Rock (1919 Blake) to 2400 Curtis

Driving Directions
1. Start out going SOUTHWEST on BLAKE ST toward 19TH ST. (0.02 miles)
2. Turn LEFT onto 19TH ST. (0.20 miles)
3. Turn LEFT onto LAWRENCE ST/CO-33 N. (0.46 miles)
4. Turn RIGHT onto 24TH ST. (0.13 miles)
5. Turn LEFT onto CURTIS ST. (0.01 miles)
6. End at 2400 Curtis St Denver, CO 80205-2630 US
Total Estimated Time: 3 minutes
Total Distance: 0.81 miles

Note:  if walking, head up Blake and the Flying Dog pub is on the corner of Blake and 24th.  Some find this route less scarry! :)

Convention Center (1400 California) to Party

Driving Directions
1. Start out going SOUTHWEST on CALIFORNIA ST toward 14TH ST. (0.01 miles)
2. Turn LEFT onto 14TH ST. (0.07 miles)
3. Turn LEFT onto WELTON ST. (0.48 miles)
4. Turn LEFT onto BROADWAY. (0.36 miles)
5. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto CURTIS ST. (0.19 miles)
6. End at 2400 Curtis St Denver, CO 80205-2630 US
Total Estimated Time: 4 minutes
Total Distance: 1.11 miles

Note:  if walking, head up California and eat healthy at the Mercury Cafe (2199 California), or head NW on the 16th Street mall and pick up a strong beer growler from Rock Bottom  (corner of 16th and Curtis).



######## Wild antics are right out ###########

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2006 Party Pictures

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