Livable Cities Photos

Q. What makes great cities great? Below are photos of sections of various cities that demonstrate aspects of pedestrian friendly design. It's not to imply these cities are completely livable, sustainable, or great. Rather, it is just to show little pockets of livability.

Wenatchee, Washington 99'

Leavenworth, Washington

Steven's Pass, Ski Resort, Washington - summer 1999

Park City, Utah - 1999

Providence, Rhode Island - Fall, 1998

Portsmouth, N.H. - Fall, 1998

Cleveland, Oct. 2001

Venice - Nov., 1998 - Click HERE for more Venice, Italy Photos

Click HERE for Dozens More Architecture Photos

Romantic Road, Germany

Paris -- London -- New Orleans -- Montana Photos

Seattle - Carmel, CA - Monterey, CA

Texas Photos -- Salt Lake City Photos -- Washington, D.C. Photos

Malaysian Photos -- Victoria, B.C., Canada

What Makes Great Cities Great?

Components of Livable Cities

How about Carfree cities?

Alternative Transportation

Alternative Planning Proposals for Colorado - Denver


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