A Colorado 100 Year Plan

by Logan Perkins - 2000

While Smart Growth, New Urbanism, Neo-traditionalism, and dozens of other

growth control ideas have merit, few inspire a vision of a truly great Colorado

for current and future residents. Plans are either piece-meal or simply

uninspired with respect to issues of livability, quality of life, basic human

dignity needs, and future changes.

Basic Plan

At a minimum, a comprehensive assessment of the remaining undeveloped land

in Colorado should aim to preserve from development the following:

These lands should not be paved over. Undeveloped lands that do not fit into

the above categories should be considered for future developments, based on

carrying capacity. Recognizing that Colorado will continue to grow in

population, new development should occur outside the greenbelts of existing

cities. Denver, Colorado Springs, and Ft. Collins have grown enough. The

harm in traffic and pollution from continued growth outweigh any benefits.

The planned growth around the new sections of C-470 in metropolitan Denver

will not benefit the majority of existing residents. The new developments along

highway 36 take away from the beauty of the Rockies and will cause traffic nightmares.

Advanced Planning - Ecocities & Transit Villages

Colorado Springs

The pattern of low density sprawl and single-use zoning must end. Such

developments are segregational , unsustainable, alienating, and

aesthetically monotonous. They do not encourage inter-generational community. They are

completely automobile dependent and resource wasteful. To accommodate

increased population:

Drawing of Colorado Growth Plan

Downtown Denver Plan -- 16th Street Mall Transportation

Personal Article on Colorado Growth

Livable City Photos

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