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$2.00 covers a day of phone activation and 10 minutes of domestic usage

$5 covers a hot breakfast

$10 covers a good lunch

$15 covers a dinner entree, tax & tip

$20 covers the above dinner with a frothy beverage

$25 covers a refill on the GoPhone charge card

$30 covers a cheap mom and pop motel

$40 covers an oil change and car wash

$50 covers a gas fill up based on $2.15 per gallon

$75 covers a hotel in a big city

$100 covers a year of domain hosting for one of two websites

$150 for winter jacket

$200 covers new prescription glasses

$250 covers two new van tires  

$300 covers a coast to coast airfare

$600 covers six months car insurance

$700 covers airfare to Europe (necessary to document the "Slow City" movement

$900 covers airfare to Asia (necessary for pics of new city designs in Japan)

$1,000 covers a new digital camera (My Sony F828 is on its last legs)   :(

$4,000 covers round the world airfare

$10,000 covers tuition for Denver's Regis University Masters of Non-Profit Management


New Orleans, April 2005

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