Characteristics of Ecocities

Preventive Health Orientation

Civil Reduced Stress and Increased Safety for All Exercise Potential Built into Design Free Primary Health Care - Fair Insurance Encourages Fun and Recreation in Daily Life
Environmentally Sustainable Renewable Energy Based Built in Recycling Community Garden Plots Xeriscaping & Permaculture
Maximum Non-Harmful Liberties Security by Design with Micro-Cameras Security Cards with Homing Device Eliminate Automobile Based Crimes Common Sense Laws & Full Disclosure
Education Relating to Community Needs Common Sense & Practical Skills Attainment Computers in Every Residence for Self-Paced Learning Apprenticeships & Internships with Local Businesses Free Education from Kindergarten thru College
Work Relating to Community Needs Community Needs Relates to Curriculum Skill Upgrade Potential thru Free Education Wages & Expectations Specified Safety Paramount for Workers
Government Divisions Based on Common Sense Community Needs & Goals Direct Democracy on Issues of Liberties & Taxes beyond Basic Charter Direct Democracy for All Citizens Aged 16 and Over thru Home Computers Common Sense Applicable to Issues of Governmental Structure and Responsibilities Policy Formulation thru Common Sense City Charter or by Direct Vote of Populace
High-Speed Rail In and Out of City with Cars Parked on Outskirts Light Rail, Trolley, and Separated Bike, Walking & Horse Paths Mixed-use Zoning Throughout with Varied Neighborhoods Preserved Public Space with Practical Uses & Outer Green Belt Aesthetically Emphasized Landscaping and Opportunities for Socialization
Affordable, Diverse Housing Energy Efficient Appliances Rooftop Greenhouses Passive Solar Designs Cluster & Co-Housing
Policies Based on World Research Designs Based on Worlds Best Examples Open Inter-governmental Communication City Open to Visitors for Inspection Ecocity Serves As Example to Emulate