Colorado 100 Year Plan

(Ecocities & Transit Villages)

by Logan Perkins

The Priorities Institute looks far beyond the basic principles of Smart

Growth, New Urbanism & other piece-meal proposals. We need a

long-range livability vision. The pattern of low density sprawl and

single-use zoning should end. Continuous outward growth in Denver,

Colorado Springs & elsewhere is reducing the quality of life for the

entire state. At a minimum the following lands should be preserved ,

never to be paved over:

To accommodate increased population:

areas with appropriate carrying capacity, especially with respect

to water availability. This is where new transit villages and

ecocities should be built to absorb new growth.

sustainable, economically self-reliant, and self contained with

respect to cultural and recreational needs.

boundaries, walkability, with a variety of transportation choices

including: light rail, trolleys, smooth paths for biking and

skating, and separated walking and horse paths. Automobiles

should be parked on the outskirts of the community. Roadways within

the city would be open for delivery and service vehicles.

sources, energy efficient designs and appliances, complete recycling facilities,

and reduced dependence on resources from outside the community.

two-way computers in every residence for on-line education, health

information, employment searches, banking, shopping, and direct


and aquaculture should be encouraged.

efficient architectural styles. Residents should be encouraged to work from home.

displaced by gentrification are satisfactorily resettled elsewhere.

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