15 Seconds of Fame - Mountain Camping Party

Party Dates: JULY 14-16, 2000

June 19, 2000 - Fire Update

Objective: Create an avant garde video regarding life at the millennium, with nuggets of wise insights, humor, and beautiful nature scenes. We hope to create a 50 minute documentary or a full length movie to distribute through film festival circuits and cable television, though possibly as just a silly film for friends. We're predominantly amateurs (and proud of it!). Possible title: "Educating Bentley." We're taking suggestions. Additionally, a soundtrack will be created from your original compositions.


  • Advice/wisdom for baby Bentley (BORN 1/2/2000) - Knowledge he should gain
  • Thoughts on the New Millennium - Your Special Wisdom
  • Sing/play a Song (prefer non-electric outdoor filming by fire & creek)
  • Silly Skits (ala Monty Python)
  • Life Story in three sentences!
  • Hike - Bike action shots on Trails
  • For Visitors from abroad: assessment of America
  • Languages Bentley should know for when he's 20 (year 2020)
  • Cook Favorite meal - Concoct favorite Fu-fu Drink
  • Complain about Life - Whine
  • Blatant Self-promotion, Narcissism, Bragging, Spectacular Feat!
  • Read your "personnels" ad
  • Recite original Poetry - or, quote some old fart
  • Display your favorite material thing (signed photo of Nick Gilder, baseball card, bike, dog, vibrator, etc.)
  • Wear special Costume - Outfit - Favorite Hat & Shoes
  • Do a Jig/Dance
  • Show off Well-behaved Pets & Children
  • White Elephant Treasure Hunt for Kids
  • Sexy Boxer Short Contest & Hawaiian Shirt Contest
  • Annunciate Life Goal - Philosophy
  • Recite: "Who da man! Who da Spazz!"

Besides the listed themes, we have some sub-plots involving romance, deception, and parallels between the questions on Census 2000 forms and natural party conversations. We'll have at least three digital cameras roaming and filming random events or specific events scheduled for time slots (e.g. Sat. 10am - noon bike ride on Colorado Trail; noon lunch cooking; 6pm band/musician filming by creek).

You choose how you'd like to contribute. We'll film you responding with your own words - You write your own script! Just signal someone with a camera at the party & we'll film you. Those wishing to participate more can help add plots and sub-plots (e.g. finding a mate, promoting Zen & the art of fly fishing).


Additionally, filming will be done before and after the party in the city. Scenes will include people's reception and reaction to receiving the party invitation (e.g. "Yahoo, party in the woods", or "Gosh, these folks have really lost their minds!"). We want to include people who can't make it to the party - who don't want to make it - don't like the guest list - hate camping & the mountains, people getting lost in the mountains, people forgetting about the party till the next weekend, etc. Filming can start anytime for such scenes. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can schedule you in. We want to have fun with a loose but enthusiastic atmosphere. Flexitarianism helps!

Those wishing to participate more can help add plots and sub-plots.

Needed: soundpeople, legal advice, lighting assistants, camera people, digital film editors, behind the scenes helpers, food & party suppliers, marketing assistants, kid activity organizer.

If you know you'd like to contribute and be a part of the planning, plot-making, etc., or you want to recommend participants for this shindig, Contact us ASAP.

Organizing Producers, Directors, Filmers, Writers, Editors:

Logan Perkins, Melissa Moon, Brian Carlson, Aaron Carlson, Fred & Leah Dixon.

This is a ChooChooMoon Production. More info:

Logan (303) 477-3792(Denver); 303 838-8105 (Buffalo Creek)



Note for overnighters: This is a camping party.

Bring food, cooler w/ice, warm clothes, tent & sleeping bag. There's flat wildflower fields, and woods galore for camping. Buffalo Creek is in our back yard. There's two fire pits & trails from our yard for bikers & hikers. We are 100% surrounded by national forest - no neighbors. There is room in the lodge for mothers & infants only - lodge babies sleep from midnight - 6am. Minimal facilities -no shower - toilet for ladies & sittin men!

Donation to The Priorities Institute and for wear & tear on Melissa's property: $5.00 per person. Checks welcome. If you want to pitch in on a fancy keg or old liquor, contact Logan in advance. Booze, refrigerator magnets, ornaments & cheese always welcome.

Yep Um!

CAN'T MAKE PARTY BUT WANT TO PARTICIPATE? - You can be included in the film by simply calling us with a good idea or open mind for our ideas. Specifically, you can be filmed reacting to the invite, describing why you can't attend, giving your thoughts on the new millennium, offering wisdom for baby Bentley, or acting as a census worker or the respondent to a census worker visiting your house.

ACTOR-ACTRESS WANNA-BEES: Here's your chance. Come up with a potential script, or consult with Logan for ideas. Also click

P.S. This could be the start of someting big...or not! Your participation is encouraged.


Logan Perkins (303) 477-3792 - film@priorities.org

Leah & Fred Dixon (303) 722-1873 - mona_leah@yahoo.com

Brian & Aaron Carlson (303) 322-8053 - hamchuck100@yahoo.com

or BcarlsonCO@earthlink.net

Leslie: lesliemcd@yahoo.com