"The art of futurism is basically about helping one another assess choices where alternative forms of probable, possible, preventable, and preferable futures are concerned. Given the special interest many of us have in preferable futures, we futurists have thereby always been utopians, whether or not we have known or been willing to acknowledge this. Futurism requires many skills, prime among which are creativity and realism, vision and earthiness, ans assuredness and humility - all of which are predicated on excellence in asking the right questions in endless refinement." Arthur B. Shostak, "What Futurists can Learn from Utopian Writings, book review of The Utopian Reader, edited by Gregory Claeys and Lyman Tower Sargent, NY Univ. Press, 1999, in The Futurist, Sept, 2000, p. 63.

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