Intern Needed

Web Page Designer; Graphic Artist; Animation Specialist; Film Production Crew; Grant Writer/Researcher; Data Entry - Filing; General Research

Exciting work for non-profit institute concerned with Colorado Front Range growth issues and city design.

Requirements: Ability to

work independently and in team environment. Web page designer to redo home page with flair, working creatively with background colors, fun icons or moving parts (e.g. trains, trolleys, bicycles, roller bladers). Graphic artist to draw futuristic cityscapes. Animation specialist to work on short video. Film crew to help with creation of documentary on city issues, development of convention center hotel, GABF film, millennium outlook. Pyro ProDV video editor.

There are numerous other projects, including:
researching and writing grant applications for a carfree design conference;
brainstorming and networking regarding this conference;
collecting any articles/info. on land use planning and other subjects (see for list of topics);
directly adding to the Index database as mentioned above with actual nuggets
of information from articles;
research on and to collect the actual information from the 1949 court case
that found General Motors, Standard Oil, and Goodyear Motors guilty of
monopolizing the transportation industry and putting trolleys out of
researching on what's going on with Japanese city/community planning;
review and suggestions for website cohesiveness, esp. this section:
obtaining copies of state or other nations recent constitutions (e.g. South
Africa, Venezuela);
any non-fiction book reviews that would fit into the Basic Human Dignity
Needs index;
brainstorming on an ecological island design for students.
...uh...I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but you get the picture.
Also, if you like filing, we're way behind on putting articles in their
appropriate file in filing cabinets; you could help out with that.

INTERN IN DENVER Benefits - This is an UNPAID intern position.

Rewards: Contribute to good-hearted organization. Pizza & Beer in LoDo, notch on resume, possible long-term work possibilities.

Contact: Logan Perkins, Director

The Priorities Institute - 303 777-5511 -

Volunteers also needed to talk to citizens and hand out Livable Cities newsletter at the

Denver People's Fair , JUNE 2002

10/03 Update

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