Example of what an "ecocity" could look like. Trolley, light rail, and separated bike, blade, walking and horse routes provide transportation. Automobiles are parked on the outskirts.

Organic community gardens, aquaculture, super insulation, non-toxic materials, recycling pantries and abundant community centers help distinguish this as a sustainable, livable "ecocity".


Light rail makes a 4-leaf clover shaped design while trolley forms more of an elongated circle. 95% of residents live within a two-block walk of light rail or trolley, making transportation convenient on days of inclement weather, and for those with disabilities. All rail routes lead to the center of the city. The entire city is accessible for service and utility vehicles, ambulances, FedEx, UPS, etc. Individual residents coming in from outside the city with large products to unload directly at home may purchase special entry passes for 2- 12-hour stays. An entrance gate for such entrances in the city prevents unwarranted entries by other vehicles.

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Separated walking, biking, blading, and horse paths exist throughout the city. Strict rules and signs exist to reduce accidents. Around the perimeter of the city is a greenbelt with separated horse and mountain bike trails. At three miles by three miles square, one could take a twelve mile loop around the greenbelt, yet never be more than two miles from any point in the city center.

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