By Logan Perkins -

Nobody asked for my opinion, but that won't stop me! Based on my rather large music collection, and nearly ten years of working in independent record stores and WMUC-FM, I've put together the following lists to help potential buyers with their music choices. More comprehensive reviews can be found at and samples can be had from or, but you may find my little listing to mention some bands you may not have heard before. Let me know if it helps or if you have any particular styles of music or artists that you'd like to get more of:

Desert Island Disks - Top Ten +

Tower Records has been requesting folks desert island disks for many years, and I've pondered the prospect since then. OK, so you're on an island. Is there anyone else there or am I all alone? Are there instruments? What type of stereo? These are important questions to help with the choice. Perhaps I'm thinking too hard! Here's a list:

Another Ten +

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