by Logan R. R. Perkins

May 19, 2000

Drive-by street scenes of various neighborhoods, including city, downtown, suburbs, farms. Scene of Barb ? delivering census packet at the lodge. Scenes of various census workers, including Aaron & Logan walking neighborhood, door to door, doing census work. After credits & title, scene of me at specific door, getting a rude refusal on various long form questions. Same with Aaron.

Scene of Aaron & I at Lucia's discussing rough day, then me meeting my boss at Lucia's. I get scolded for low productivity.

Scene of wife fussing with me about my beard.

Me sleeping with benny, having bad dream of doctor planning to shave me. I wake up and shave while holding Benny & singing.

More census scenes, including in depth scenes of long form interview questions involving race, age, income, commuting type, distance, time, age, marital status, & where I lived five years ago.

Aaron & I get off work & get packed and head to the hills. Upon arrival we find a census packet. I fling it into the bushes.

We decide to throw a summer camping party for fun and to ask friends for suggestions about baby Bentley, and to solicit feelings about the millennium. We invite friends up to help us clean & get the house ready for the party.

Scenes of invitation production. Scenes from work party.

Mixed in scenes from old age home.

Back to city for more census work. Door to door with various friends.

While addressing invitations, many are accidentally sent out to the worst refusal cases!

Scenes of distribution of invitations, with people's reactions to the party concept. Some reject it for various reasons, some are confused as to who sent them the invite, some are enthusiastic.

Sub-plot with Blondie. She wants a man! Scenes of Blondie and Molly trying on different outfits for the party.

Scene of Logan's last day with census. Boss doesn't want to see us again.

Scene of man ? calling gals to join him at party & getting rejections.

Sub-plot with Andrea. Man (Ben?), wanting to bring someone to the party, buys her for a weekend after hearing her fuss with husband. After man leaves with woman, the husband realizes he didn't get $5,000, but only $50. Dinner bill is $49. Angrily he vows to find her and the party in the mountains! Possible airplane scene searching for party.

Scene of Ben? selling off girlfriend's jewelry at pawn shop.

Scenes of people packing, driving, and arriving at the party, or getting lost.

The Party - scenes of relaxing, setting up camp, drinking, cooking, exercising, making music. Focus on various conversations naturally asking same questions as on long form.

Scene of sexy gal's tent shaking!

Sexy boxer short contest!

Scene of Ben arriving towards the end of the party, angry, until his eyes meet Blondie's!

Scene of various people leaving party.

Various summary scenes, such as old folks comments on the millennium.

Scene of those who never found the party. One arriving at the top of Mt. Evans.

Scene of me leaving lodge, locking it up, rehanging census packet including a glob of slime in the packet.

Scene of census worker returning to empty house. Census packet placed back on door in original condition.

Credits include pictures of characters stating their names.